European Voluntary Service celebrates its 20 years! Our volunteers produced four video about their experience in Italy using gadgets provided by Italian National Agency and using a red balloon as the symbol of this celebration…Have a look!






Thanks to:

Minolin Judith (India), Louisa Germann (Germania), Felix Herfs (Germania), Annette Gerland (Germania), Natascha Roser (Germania), Nair Anotella Perez (Argentina), Deak Kinga Emoke (Ungheria), Simon Immanuel (India), Sarah Ficther (Francia), Joel Armand Pilon Charbonnier (Uruguay), Yevdokimova Katerina (Ucraina), Villo Geszler (Ungheria), Linda Menssen (Germania), Larissa Juttner (Germania), Miriam Volkers (Germania), Bator Nagy-Szekely (Ungheria).

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