Leaving, arriving, traveling, escaping, settling down, migrating, crossing borders, wandering, visiting, getting lost…

Moving is one of the main characteristic of the human being, moving is growing, is changing, is meeting people and cultures. Every one of us move, for little journey as going for shopping or for long travel as for holydays or for looking for a new life. Every one of us always brings someting with along the way, a bag, a sack, a backpack, a trolley, something in the pockets or even nothing; but everyone always carryes a cultural baggage.

The cultural baggage is part of ourselves, we carry it all the time, it defines us, it distinguishes us from the other, it makes us different, unique.

The cultural baggage can be shared, we can discover similarities between cultural baggages, we can recognize ourselves in some other’s cultural baggage, we can understand different way of carrying the cultural baggage, we can carry them together, mixing them in a colorful and rich future.

Bring your cultural baggage with us in this campaign, post a picture of your cultural baggage with #culturalbaggage and #alldifferentallequal in facebook and twitter, let’s share our baggages and get closer to a multicultural and inclusive society. When you post the picture, copy also the link to this page of explanation, so that everyone will understand what it is about!

The campaign will end with an Intercultural Dinner in Turin on the 25th of August. Share the event when you post your picture!

This campaign is organized as a dissemination activity of the project “God with us?”, it was developed during the youth exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”

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