Building something with someone

About Voluntary work activities during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th March – 1st April 2016

“God with Us?” is a project, which unites young people from five countries to work on themes: religious identities, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, relationship between religion and society, responsible participation, active citizenship, conflict management, social inclusion and etc.  The first part of this project was theoretical, which included discussions, debates, games and many kind of workshops, but we are going to talk about another part of this project, which was volunteer service.


12936576_1319936068033202_5256167154178887234_nThere are no boundaries for volunteerism and this project is a great example of this statement.  Volunteer service gives you an opportunity to be more active member of society and to develop skills, which will be useful in every aspect of your life.  This kind of activity was a practical use of knowledge and experience, which we got from the theoretical part of the project.

12799416_795805887192390_1619473128758143430_nWe went to Elderly House and Social Therapy House, for our volunteer work.  Participants had helped stuff of Elderly House to clean windows and wash curtains; also they planted trees around the Elder House. The best part of this volunteer service was integration with older people; the gratitude coming from them was priceless.  As we already mentioned, another place for our volunteer work was Social Therapy House, where we divided in small groups and joined to beneficiaries to work with them in workshops, where we helped them to finish their handmade products. Also we helped them in gardening, in the kitchen to make dinner and etc.  They were too friendly and very happy to see us helping and caring about them. At the end, we’ve bought some of their handmade products and left them with positive emotions, which will last for a long time.

So, volunteerism means that you care, about people, environment, poverty, in equality, education. Volunteerism is taking an action; Volunteerism is enjoying building something with someone and then see the result of that.


Neli, Qeti & Giorgi, Georgia

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti, Sopio Nadiradze, Qeti Saladze, Ana-Maria Tita

The cultural compromise

About the simulation game during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st March 2016

On the third day of our exchange we had the simulation game “Welcome to my Village”.

The main purposes was IMG_20160326_105748699the concept of welcome, exchange, compromise and integration.  The first task was, divided in five groups, to build a village following instruction, respecting village’s rules different one from each other. The request of second task was that one participant of each village, moves to an other one. The challenge was try to understand if integration was possible even without loose each one’s identity.


The challenge in the first part of the game was to build the villages without forgetting that communication was an obstacle because of clear rules which impose specific way to interact between each others.

During the second part we proved that integration was possible using the different village rules but only if each participant was ready to loose and gain something.


The game ends with a plenary all
together to confront the different experience and to translate it into reality.
We start to share how each village welcomed the new villagers and how they try to be integrated whit the new society and how they were dealing with difference and finding a compromise with their identity. Then we translated the concept to the reality. It was interesting to see how each participants had different experiences arising by different country and culture.

DSC_0289It was probably the first time during the exchange that we find out in such a clear way about our differences.





Lisa, Italy and Annapaola, Italy

Pictures by Giulia Tempo and Valeria Lucenti

Action in Rustavi

About an activity of active participation and citizenship during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st March 2016

Being part of this program is a great opportunity to learn many essential things. Those things that we have been taught can not be learned in our ordinary lives. In order to absorb the most you can take, actions must be done. Action is the crucial thing for successful gathering of knowledge and of course, its iplementation. Among the 10 days of this program, actions were included and conducted every day, on one way or another. 1915760_10208970014476571_7308979319047000977_n

Specifically, in this article, you can read more about the actions we have taken in the city of Rustavi. One of the days of this program was the so-called activity day. From the begining of the day we were  diveded in groups and we were given a task which had a few certain rules. We needed to organize an action in the center of Rustavi. Our task was to be creative and think of an action which will least from 3-5 minutes.
The action should have been seen by more than 60 people, and it needed to contain few certain words as well as some word written on foregin languages.


12670803_10209973868929157_5308019872729936124_nEvery group came up with an interesting idea, more or less following the given rules. The main purpose was to take particiation in the society, to raise awareness, to show that there is someone who takes action. We have showed our ideas to the citizens of Rustavi. Some of us did a ,,Free hugs” campagin to show that diversity is not an obstacle for being together. One of the groups did a flash-mob, dancing and sharing flowers and smileys with music in the background sharing love and positive energy. One of the groups came up with an idea to make interviews with people on the street, asking about people’s opinions about Erasmus +, activisim, participation and so on. We have certainly showed the purposes of activisim and participation.

In the afternoon we had another activity in Rustavi, which was a little bit harder. We got divided into groups again, and we were given a list of steps that we had to do until a certain time limit. The list contained activities like helping to people, giving speaches about volunterisam, making interviews.

12919661_10209973868089136_5897272744465557579_nThese activities thaught us how to get involved in ordinary situations in the life. Spreading help around is a priceless thing that can be done. During these activities we were the painters who drew similes on people’s faces. Everybody was happy. We have realized how important it is to be a part of activity and its power to make changes in the society.
We have enriched our lives with another great experience. We have learned the importance of participation through activities we’ve done by ourselves.


The most precious element of this program is the implementation.  12923302_981562938586331_3535319356254567718_nI believe that every one of us is going to do the best he can in order to spred the knowledge we have gathered while doing this activities. It is great to be part of this program.


Daniela, Macedonia

Pictures from Giulia Tempo, Lisa Casale, Emiliano Barbieri. Bogdan Priceputu

Strength of thought

About the brain storming activity during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st of March. 
attivitàYouth exchange, participation, religious identity. They were just words that we can find in dictionary. But the power of words is not that they exist, but the fact that they mean, what we think about them, what kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings they cause us. When we say some words we have a certain understanding that we want to share with others. And we are very grateful to this project that we have this opportunity to meet with other young people from different countries and to have a dialogue about our understanding of this words about what each of us put into the words. Activities that we had during this ten days help us constantly contemplate about necessity of understanding each other’s ideas.

giocoWe all felt the support despite what people was doing and saying. It is very important and it helped to strengthening relations between participants. It create a pleasing atmosphere in which everyone can express their views. Sharing thoughts, ideas, teamwork leave behind extensive material for reflection. And each of us when he will come home to his country, we can share experience that we received here.



Vadim, Misha, Illia, Ukraine

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti and Hanna Turmanidze



“Do you Believe in Participation?” Youth Exchange

About the Youth Exchange that took place in Rustavi, Georgia, from the 24th of March to the 1st of April 2016.


“We are all different. I am unique, you are unique.
Weather it is skin color, interests, hobbies, religion or sexual orientation.
We need to be respectful.
How would you feel if you were treated differently?
Seal, upset, angry or maybe scared.
Why should we make someone feel that way?”

“God with us? -Religious Identities and Youth Participation” giochiis a project that gathers young participants from different European countries as: Italy, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia. The project focuses on these themes: religious identity, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, responsible participation, active citizenship, volunteerism, conflict management and social inclusion.Youth Exchange with the title “Do you Believe in Participation?” took place in Rustavi, Georgia.

gruppoThe young participants discuss which is the original motivation of their social engagement and their active participation in the society, reflecting on which are the founding values of the European community today.
The international partnership of the project gives us the opportunity to get involved, share our experience with each other, share challenges and increase technical skills for our future.

The main goal of the project is young participants to face and understand cultural/religious diversity better.
Young people from 5 different
countries have done a lot of activities: Team games, Voluntary work in Tbilisi, meeting in Tbilisi with Helping Hand representatives, Brain Storming, Simulation game: “Welcome to my Village”, organize actions in groups, team activity, tour/city activity in Tbilisi, etc. All those activities got us together, made us  understand that on this world there is room for everyone, that we are got to stay together and maintain unity in order to live in a peaceful environment.

Diversity is strength. Diversity makes us, human beings more interesting and makes this world more beautiful”.

Kety, Georgia and Valentina, Italy

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti, Annapaola Carbonatto, Sopio Nadiradze, Giulia Tempo