In this blog we will collect all documents, articles, pictures, opinions, ideas, impressions and even more from our european projects focused on the theme of interreligious and multicultural dialogue.

This main theme is deeply connected with other main topics of this blog and of our work: social inclusion and citizenship. All these challenging issues are always worked out through methods of non-formal education and this our main and powerful tool.

The projects are organized by Commissione Sinodale per la Diaconia and funded within the ERASMUS+, a program of the European Union for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the years 2014-2020.

The program combines and assimilates all the European Union funding mechanisms active untill 2013:

  • the Lifelong learning program (Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig)
  • Youth in Action
  • the five program of international cooperation (Erasmus mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and the bilateral cooperation between industrilized countries program). It covers also the Jean Monnet activities and it includes for the first time the support at Sport

The integrated program led to a joint vision of  the possible fundings opportunities, it aims facilitating the access and promotes synergies between different sectors, removing the barriers bewteen several projects typologies; it also wants to involve new actors from the labour market and from the civil society and inspires new forms of cooperation.

Erasmus+ integrates in a socio-economic context with almost 6 milions of young unemployed europeans, and in some countries the unemployment level exceeds the 50%. At the same time there are 2 millions vacancies and one third of the employers declare to have difficulties in finding staff with the required competences. This demostrantes the existence of an important competences deficit in Europe.

Erasmus+ was developped to give concrete answers to these problems, through studying opportunities, trainings, working experiences or voluntary work abroad. The quality and the relevance of the organisations and of the educational, training and youth support european systems will be boosted through the support to teaching and learning methods improvement, to new programs, to the professional development of the teaching staff and youth workers. A better cooperation between educational and training systems and the labour market will be foundamental in order to face the real needs to develop the human and social potencial, in Europe and elsewhere.

Erasmus+ arranges fundings in order to support opportunities for:

  • students, interns, teacher and educational staff, youth exchanges, youth workers and volunteers.
  • create or improve partnership between institutions and organisations in the field of education, training, youth, and the labour market
  • support the dialogue and collect concrete information, necessary to reform the educational and training system and the youth assistance.

For the first fime the program grants fundings not only at universities or training institutions, but also at innovative partnerships, the so called “Knowledge Alliances” and the “Sector Skills Alliances”, which will establish new synergies between education and labour market. This will enable the higher education institutions, trainers and agencies to enhance the spirit of innovantion and entrepreneurship as well as develop new programs and qualifications to fill the skills gap.

In the field of sport the program concentrates on transnational projects aimed at supporting amateur sport and facing the transboundary challenges as rigged trials, doping, violence and racism as well as promoting the good governance, gender equality, social inclusion and physical actvities for everybody.

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