Many people are scared from diversity, but thanks to this training we can show others how beautiful and magic, diversity is.

I’m so grateful that I had opportunity to be part of Tell Me project as helping organizer, and in the same time to see the creativity and joy of teenagers, and to learn more about other religions, cultures and countries.

Tell Me Project – was a project organized by Diaconia Valdese (Italy) in collaboration with Erasmus and other organizations from Kosovo, Estonia and Ukraine. The purpose of the project was to bring adolescents from four countries in one place, to discuss more about religion and culture. Every day was an opportunity to learn new things about religions, and every night an opportunity to learn new things about the countries and cultures.

Activities that we planed were different starting from team building, presenting religions with some objects or words, shadow theater, cultural nights, quizzes, visiting different religion monuments in Torre Pellice and Torino.

In team building activity as u can see also in the photo, the creativity reached next level. They worked as a team and they created different monuments only by spaghetti.
In this photo you can see five different religions presented by Tell Me project teens. Each group of teens was diverse in sense of religion, and they had to present a different religion from their own, to other groups only by some words or some symbols that represents that religion.
In the shadow theater, each team had to create a short theater scene related to religion. I was surprised by their age and their level of knowledge, because each group presented something so unique staring from stereotypes, gender-equality in religion, and things that concern today society.

In cultural nights, I learned a lot starting from Estonia I learned that they don’t have mountains at all, but they are one of the most developing countries when it comes technology. About Ukraine I learned a lot about food, music, beauty of the country, and their traditional dance turned out to be my favorite one.

Ukraine cultural night

When it came to Italy presentation, I loved everything even the stereotypes that they presented were funny. From my country Kosovo my favorite thing and most unique one, that Kosovo teens used to mention in presentation was a photo of a mosque and a church in the same garden that spoke more than 1000 words about religious harmony in Kosovo, and they used to mention that the “Religion of Albanians is Albania”.

At the end of the project I saw tears and hugs but most importantly I saw young people accepting and loving each other for who they are and what they represent as human beings .

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