To Grow One Flower

When I came in Italy, firstly I went to Torre Pelice for beginning seminar. Actually, I can say that this seminar was a chance to meet with different people as a first step. I was so excited and felt a little bit  scared to be as volunteer in Italy. Because everything was so different from main country (Turkey). Thank to this fırst seminar, I had so good time and felt relax. We stayed 12 days in Torre Pellice with 45 people together. This process was amazing beginning for me. We could share our ideas, thoughts, time, food and life experience with each other. Thanks to this seminar, I realized that I felt give the right decision to being an international volunteer. I imagined that I will give my one year and I will work shoulder to shoulder with these people like me.

After the seminar, every people went to workplace city. This transition process is quite a different experience. When I arrived in Torino and my home in Barriera di Milano, I felt the multicultural atmosphere here. Barriera di Milano includes different kind of migrants who generally came from  North Africa and Latin America. 

Then , I started working in IL Passo Social Point. There are many activities and workshop in this center for children and adults. Being here and participating in these activities is a great thing. Before I came in Italy, nearly 8 years I worked with children as volunteer. Now, I’m in here and I can help children from different countries. Migration context is completely so hard process. This complex process can be find a solution in this center. We help to children for their homework with my teammates. Children come to center after school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This activity is called “Dopo Scuola”. Also, we arrange some activities every Friday in programme of “Spazio Adolescenti”. I can say honestly, being with children and touching on their heart are unbelievable. Actually, not only I’m helping to them but also they are helping me to find my way and to understand life. Children is simply children in everywhere, in the every conditional. Being an immigrant does not prevent being children.

Sharing may seem simple word at first but actually it has very meaningful  word in volunteering process. Also it is so important to understand about other people life. Firstly, I share my time for understand other people. And then I give attention to help them. This process is mutual which encompass improvement like building new world inside. I meet many people in this process and they always add something to me. I listen their story and try to understand what they are living. Espeacially, children teach me a lot of  precious things. To be with children is like planting a flower in a mess. For me, EVS process equal for building peace atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who came into my life in this process.

Oyku Dalak, volontaria Turca al Passo Social Point per il progetto “Common Grounds”

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