Coming from a beautiful place like Kosovo and landing to another unique multicultural paradise like Italy, it was very big step for me and a little bit scary in the beginning. The reason why it was scary it’s because I didn’t know what to expect, I had many thought, doubts but in the same time I consider as a big step because I took over my fears, thoughts and doubts and I said: Let’s Go.

From Kosovo To Italy

I started my European Voluntary Service in September in Il Passo Social Point in Barriera Di Milano in Torino, which is known as a multicultural neighborhood, with a lot of stereotypes coming across this name (Barriera di Milano). The reasons why are many stereotypes is because in this neighborhood live poor people, refuges and the diversity of nationality’s, religions, cultures is high, but meanwhile you can find there (in Barriera di Milano) this small center with a big impact which can break all these stereotypes called “Il Passo Social Point”

Il Passo Social Point is a center of social aggregation, where I have the possibility to learn everyday new things and to discover new worlds in people personalities. I had a chance to meet people from different ages, cultures and religions, which made me, understand more diversity and cultural impact and as aspiring future psychologist I understood how culture influences affect, cognition, and behavior.

It’s is very unique experience to see kids and adolescent with different nationalities coming in one place with one purpose to have fun and enjoy company of each other, meanwhile you can see the adults and youngsters coming with a purpose to develop and increase their skills in different dimensions for a better future. In the other side a lot of refuges and asylum seekers come in Il Passo to learn Italian and to get different services that are offered by center. 20 years ago I was a refuge too, even though I don’t remember anything, working with refuges now and being able to help them, made me empathize with their feelings and understood more what it feels to be a refuge.

It’s very good feeling to see kids, youngster, adults from different cultures, religions, nationalities coming in one place to give their piece of puzzle to create this beautiful “REBUS” named Il Passo Social Point.  

“REBUS” named Il Passo Social Point

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