Why Volunteerism?

Volunteerism is a way of changing the world and make it better. It is an opportunity that never should be missed.

My Italian volunteering experience was not unexpected. When I was child I had a big desire to be an active member of society and play an important role for building better community. When I was 16 year-old I officially joined in an organization as a volunteer and my childhood dreams really have been come true. In this organization I worked with children and women, living in conflict region and conducted festivals, trainings, environmental and cultural events. Two years later, when I was 18 year-olds, I went to Poland for participation in the international project where I met new people, acquired friends and participated in many projects, introduced and shared our culture with them. This project helped me to know that work I was doing was that what I really wanted to do in the future.

Italy always was one of my interests but it was just like a dream that seems never be come true. Fortunately, after graduation from the university I got another great chance of participation in the project “CLOSER – Connecting Volunteers and organization to Support integration of Refugees and asylum seeker” and living in Italy during 1 year. I have already been a EVS volunteer for 5 months in Turin,working in Il passo social point, with children. Based on this experience, I can definitely say that I like my job and the organization when I am volunteering. It’s a great experience of studying Italian and the European and African culture as well. On my hand, I do my best, try to use this great opportunity and help others to make better future, gain my professional skills and learn a language as well. I am really happy because of my decision, not miss the chance to be volunteer and change world. pexels-photo-346885.jpeg

Nana Aptsiauri, EVS volunteer from Georgia, at Il Passo Social Point, project “CLOSER – Connecting Volunteers and organization to Support integration of Refugees and asylum seeker”, 2017 – 2018

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