#WHAD!We Have a Dream!

In our time of crisis accept the European challenge “United in diversity” is more and more difficult. Discrimination is a growing phenomena all around the world, because of the origins, age, culture, religion, gender, etc. European societies are developing radical positions towards what/who is different, and we are still facing segregation phenomena.

This project “#WHAD! We Have a Dream!” wants to answer at the challenge of a multicultural society. We will address this topic using the methods of the theatrical animation (theatre forum, body language, mime but also clowning, juggling, performing) as a tool to arise empathy and awareness and promote active participation in society.

During all the phases of the project we want to involve the youngsters of the different communities in a social campaign to inform about the project.

The campaign will follow the project’s evolution, reporting three different phases:


The DREAM phase: the start of the project itself, every organization and the participants are getting ready and think about the theatrical tools that will be shared, studied and used. Take a picture that represent your “dreaming” phase, positive expectations, excitement about the beginning of the project.

#WHAD! #DREAMactbelieve  #unitedindiversity 



The ACT phase
:  youth workers and young participants are using the theatrical tools and actively participating to the project. The photos show this moment of action.

#WHAD!  #dreamACTbelieve  #unitedindiversity




images-2The BELIEVE phase
:  outcomes of the project, photos of inclusion and multicultural examples not only with the participants of the project but also with the community involved with the dissemination event.

#WHAD!  #dreamactBELIEVE  #unitedindiversity


This campaign will involve the participants, friends and familiars and all the communities around each organization.

How to participate in the campaign:

1- Choose a picture

2- Write the hastag’s project: #WHAD!

3- Define which phase of the project your picture represents : Dream, Act, or Believe? then write the hastag: #dreamactbelieve putting the right CAPITAL LETTERS (#DREAMactbelieve/#dreamACTbelive/#dreamactBELIEVE)

4- Don’t forget the hashtag of the European Motto:#unitedindiversity

5- copy the link to this page and everyone will be able to join the campaign: https://interreligiousmulticultural.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/whadwe-have-a-dream/

6- Like our facebook page:


The project “#WHAD!We have a Dream!” takes place from the 1st of February to the 30 of November 2017, it foresees a Training for Youth Workers in Italy and a Youth Exchange in Hungary. It involves 4 different countries: Italy, Hungary, Kosovo and Jordan. 

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