Building something with someone

About Voluntary work activities during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th March – 1st April 2016

“God with Us?” is a project, which unites young people from five countries to work on themes: religious identities, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, relationship between religion and society, responsible participation, active citizenship, conflict management, social inclusion and etc.  The first part of this project was theoretical, which included discussions, debates, games and many kind of workshops, but we are going to talk about another part of this project, which was volunteer service.


12936576_1319936068033202_5256167154178887234_nThere are no boundaries for volunteerism and this project is a great example of this statement.  Volunteer service gives you an opportunity to be more active member of society and to develop skills, which will be useful in every aspect of your life.  This kind of activity was a practical use of knowledge and experience, which we got from the theoretical part of the project.

12799416_795805887192390_1619473128758143430_nWe went to Elderly House and Social Therapy House, for our volunteer work.  Participants had helped stuff of Elderly House to clean windows and wash curtains; also they planted trees around the Elder House. The best part of this volunteer service was integration with older people; the gratitude coming from them was priceless.  As we already mentioned, another place for our volunteer work was Social Therapy House, where we divided in small groups and joined to beneficiaries to work with them in workshops, where we helped them to finish their handmade products. Also we helped them in gardening, in the kitchen to make dinner and etc.  They were too friendly and very happy to see us helping and caring about them. At the end, we’ve bought some of their handmade products and left them with positive emotions, which will last for a long time.

So, volunteerism means that you care, about people, environment, poverty, in equality, education. Volunteerism is taking an action; Volunteerism is enjoying building something with someone and then see the result of that.


Neli, Qeti & Giorgi, Georgia

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti, Sopio Nadiradze, Qeti Saladze, Ana-Maria Tita

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