The cultural compromise

About the simulation game during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st March 2016

On the third day of our exchange we had the simulation game “Welcome to my Village”.

The main purposes was IMG_20160326_105748699the concept of welcome, exchange, compromise and integration.  The first task was, divided in five groups, to build a village following instruction, respecting village’s rules different one from each other. The request of second task was that one participant of each village, moves to an other one. The challenge was try to understand if integration was possible even without loose each one’s identity.


The challenge in the first part of the game was to build the villages without forgetting that communication was an obstacle because of clear rules which impose specific way to interact between each others.

During the second part we proved that integration was possible using the different village rules but only if each participant was ready to loose and gain something.


The game ends with a plenary all
together to confront the different experience and to translate it into reality.
We start to share how each village welcomed the new villagers and how they try to be integrated whit the new society and how they were dealing with difference and finding a compromise with their identity. Then we translated the concept to the reality. It was interesting to see how each participants had different experiences arising by different country and culture.

DSC_0289It was probably the first time during the exchange that we find out in such a clear way about our differences.





Lisa, Italy and Annapaola, Italy

Pictures by Giulia Tempo and Valeria Lucenti

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