Action in Rustavi

About an activity of active participation and citizenship during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st March 2016

Being part of this program is a great opportunity to learn many essential things. Those things that we have been taught can not be learned in our ordinary lives. In order to absorb the most you can take, actions must be done. Action is the crucial thing for successful gathering of knowledge and of course, its iplementation. Among the 10 days of this program, actions were included and conducted every day, on one way or another. 1915760_10208970014476571_7308979319047000977_n

Specifically, in this article, you can read more about the actions we have taken in the city of Rustavi. One of the days of this program was the so-called activity day. From the begining of the day we were  diveded in groups and we were given a task which had a few certain rules. We needed to organize an action in the center of Rustavi. Our task was to be creative and think of an action which will least from 3-5 minutes.
The action should have been seen by more than 60 people, and it needed to contain few certain words as well as some word written on foregin languages.


12670803_10209973868929157_5308019872729936124_nEvery group came up with an interesting idea, more or less following the given rules. The main purpose was to take particiation in the society, to raise awareness, to show that there is someone who takes action. We have showed our ideas to the citizens of Rustavi. Some of us did a ,,Free hugs” campagin to show that diversity is not an obstacle for being together. One of the groups did a flash-mob, dancing and sharing flowers and smileys with music in the background sharing love and positive energy. One of the groups came up with an idea to make interviews with people on the street, asking about people’s opinions about Erasmus +, activisim, participation and so on. We have certainly showed the purposes of activisim and participation.

In the afternoon we had another activity in Rustavi, which was a little bit harder. We got divided into groups again, and we were given a list of steps that we had to do until a certain time limit. The list contained activities like helping to people, giving speaches about volunterisam, making interviews.

12919661_10209973868089136_5897272744465557579_nThese activities thaught us how to get involved in ordinary situations in the life. Spreading help around is a priceless thing that can be done. During these activities we were the painters who drew similes on people’s faces. Everybody was happy. We have realized how important it is to be a part of activity and its power to make changes in the society.
We have enriched our lives with another great experience. We have learned the importance of participation through activities we’ve done by ourselves.


The most precious element of this program is the implementation.  12923302_981562938586331_3535319356254567718_nI believe that every one of us is going to do the best he can in order to spred the knowledge we have gathered while doing this activities. It is great to be part of this program.


Daniela, Macedonia

Pictures from Giulia Tempo, Lisa Casale, Emiliano Barbieri. Bogdan Priceputu

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