Strength of thought

About the brain storming activity during the Youth Exchange “Do you Believe in Participation?”, Georgia, 24th April – 1st of March. 
attivitàYouth exchange, participation, religious identity. They were just words that we can find in dictionary. But the power of words is not that they exist, but the fact that they mean, what we think about them, what kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings they cause us. When we say some words we have a certain understanding that we want to share with others. And we are very grateful to this project that we have this opportunity to meet with other young people from different countries and to have a dialogue about our understanding of this words about what each of us put into the words. Activities that we had during this ten days help us constantly contemplate about necessity of understanding each other’s ideas.

giocoWe all felt the support despite what people was doing and saying. It is very important and it helped to strengthening relations between participants. It create a pleasing atmosphere in which everyone can express their views. Sharing thoughts, ideas, teamwork leave behind extensive material for reflection. And each of us when he will come home to his country, we can share experience that we received here.



Vadim, Misha, Illia, Ukraine

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti and Hanna Turmanidze



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