“Do you Believe in Participation?” Youth Exchange

About the Youth Exchange that took place in Rustavi, Georgia, from the 24th of March to the 1st of April 2016.


“We are all different. I am unique, you are unique.
Weather it is skin color, interests, hobbies, religion or sexual orientation.
We need to be respectful.
How would you feel if you were treated differently?
Seal, upset, angry or maybe scared.
Why should we make someone feel that way?”

“God with us? -Religious Identities and Youth Participation” giochiis a project that gathers young participants from different European countries as: Italy, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia. The project focuses on these themes: religious identity, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, responsible participation, active citizenship, volunteerism, conflict management and social inclusion.Youth Exchange with the title “Do you Believe in Participation?” took place in Rustavi, Georgia.

gruppoThe young participants discuss which is the original motivation of their social engagement and their active participation in the society, reflecting on which are the founding values of the European community today.
The international partnership of the project gives us the opportunity to get involved, share our experience with each other, share challenges and increase technical skills for our future.

The main goal of the project is young participants to face and understand cultural/religious diversity better.
Young people from 5 different
countries have done a lot of activities: Team games, Voluntary work in Tbilisi, meeting in Tbilisi with Helping Hand representatives, Brain Storming, Simulation game: “Welcome to my Village”, organize actions in groups, team activity, tour/city activity in Tbilisi, etc. All those activities got us together, made us  understand that on this world there is room for everyone, that we are got to stay together and maintain unity in order to live in a peaceful environment.

Diversity is strength. Diversity makes us, human beings more interesting and makes this world more beautiful”.

Kety, Georgia and Valentina, Italy

Pictures by Valeria Lucenti, Annapaola Carbonatto, Sopio Nadiradze, Giulia Tempo

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