PALINCA – connecting people

During the Training in Italy the participants worked on some project ideas to meet youth needs, here one of the proposals!


Purpose of the project

The idea of this training is to impove the awarness of the young generations about a good use of social network . We think this is a need for the current times because this new fenomen will affect in our lives in the future times. The structure of the training is thought for the youngsters to understand the possibilites and risks.

5 days + 2 (review training) in Bergamo , Italy



18-30 years old youth peolpe, 4 from each countres ( hungary, italy, uk, romania, france, spain and macedona)



Compuers, room, flipchart, youthworker, trainers, psychologist,



Outside activites: activities int he nature to think about how it was life before internet and to think about how is important to be connected with it.

Workshop1: conversation with a psychologist

Workshop2: expert on computer and social media we lead a workhop about good use of this tools also connected with youth organisation and organisation of event and campain.

Visit of Milan – free time and visit the media center

Last day: evaluation activities and create new projects and preparation of the review training

Project Designer: Aron, Noemi, Remy, Romeo and Emilija


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