Session on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The activity took place during the Training for Youth Worker in Italy from the 15th to the 23rd of November 2015

Friday’s afternoon we had a very touchable session about a refugees and asylum seekers. First of all we cleared what this expression mean. We worked together with the Italian and the EVS volunteers. In the first „game” we divided in groups and we had to determinate which are the countries from the refugees come, which are the main countries with possibilities to go, and we had to write some reasons, about why – like political persecution, money, war.

After this game we got some numbers and statistics about the real situation. We had discussion about the number of migrants and the countries.

Than we had two another games. We stayed in groups and we had to create a family, with members, and surname. Than we got a scarf to hide our eyes. The exercise was so difficult I think because we were divided in fine or six groups shouting out family-names, with a sound of bombs and it was like a real war. Actually I was afraid, and I understood this situation from another point of view. After this the second exercise was more difficult. Just only one family played in the room. One of the family members had to hide in the room, one had to find them, and another two or three people had to navigate the blinded family member. I was blinded, and I started to find my husband, between lots of fake directions and chairs, and bombs, and sound of a war, and actually it was really really difficult. I was afraid a bit, because I never had a situation and a game like this, but fortunately I find him, and it was so great being a whole family again.

I think the aim of this afternoon was clear, I learned lots of things about refugees, and I understood this situation from another viewpoint. For me this was the best in these days. Thank you for everything, for the group, for people who came and for Diaconia Valdese.


Noémi F.Gál, Hungary

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